Here is a model of an Excelsior Class kit bash.

The new science exploration vessel commissioned into the United Federation of Planets’ Starfleet is modelled heavily on the Excelsior Class space frame. The Sir John Graves Simcoe Class is primarily a science exploration mission vessel comprising of a crew of 425, and on her maiden mission, 22 civilian scientists, and 34 passengers.

She is outfitted with experimental warp nacelles that each contain their own M/AR warp reactors. Further ship energy resources include 3 reactors located in the secondary hull, impulse reactor in the primary hull, and multiple emergency back-up batteries throughout the ship. This technology is based heavily on the old Constitution Class power system. Starfleets R&D bureau is continuing to experiment with centralize m/arc to power ship systems, and multiple systems.

Commissioned in 2295, USS Sir John Graves Simcoe has been dispatched for a 1.5 year mission explore and chart 3 newly discovered systems on the outer rim of the Federation.

U.S.S. Sir John Graves Simcoe

U.S.S. Sir John Graves Simcoe

Sir John Graves Simcoe Cutaway

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