Algonquin Park: Opeongo Lake

My friends and I are only a few weeks away from departing on our second trip to Algonquin Park this year. This time however, we’re embarking on a short canoe trip on to Opeongo Lake.

While our destination remains undetermined at this time, we do have some plans formalized. Most notably, the rental of our 3 seat Expedition Kevlar canoe. Running about 17′ in length, and weighing around 55 lbs, this will be a completely different canoe then I’ve ever experienced.

We have a our menu planned, and we’re expecting much cooler weather, especially in the evening. With temperatures already dipping to about 4 degrees celsius in Simcoe County, I would expect temperatures in the park getting to just about freezing.

There’s nothing really more to report at the moment, but I wanted to get this post up, and hopefully some feed back from fellow campers with regards to Opeongo Lake.

More to come about this trip in a few weeks.



3 Responses to “Algonquin Park: Opeongo Lake”

  1. patrickivan Says:

    Opps- When I said that this was a completely different canoe then I’ve experienced, I neglected to say why… Primarily, it’s because of the third seat and person we’ll be sitting in it. I’ve never canoed with 3 people. It should be fun. I will hopefully be able to kick back and relax while my firends do all the work 😉

  2. Your right the 3 seater canoes are different. Two paddlers in front of the yoke, a yoke that needs to be mounted backwards in the canoe so you have space for your head in front of it as a seat is now in front of it and the traditional stern seat in the back. At 17ft long there’s enough room for 3 average size adults (160lbs ish) and two medium or three smaller packs.

    Opeongo is a very large lake. I’ve kayaked on it many times and canoed it a few times. The water taxi is always a nice alternative if the wind is blowing and the waves get big. Great fishing, awesome lake. Lots of places to explore and see there. Make sure you check out some of the creeks flowing into Opeongo, it’s nice to get off the big body of water and paddle some more calmer winding creeks. Especially Hailstorm creek on the west side of the North Arm.

    Another alternative for boats for you would be a tandem and a solo canoe.. or even three kayaks if you don’t plan on doing any portaging out of Opeongo. Algonquin Outfitters has some nice light weight tandem and solo canoes that can make the portages easier.

    Well hope you have lots of fun on your trip, spot some nice wild life and keep warm on the cool nights we’ve been having. Bring your Toque, and don’t forget your camera.

    If you get any good wildlife shots then you may want to enter them in the Algonquin Outfitters photo contest that’s running on the website. There’s also a great contest to win a canoe trip and all the gear running there too.


  3. patrickivan Says:

    Beauty advice Randy. Thanks. We certainly intend to do some exploring on the trip. That’s half the fun.

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