Star Trek Models: Part II

Over on the Art section on the Trek BBS site, a fellow Trekkie wanted to see what a Klingon battle cruiser from TOS would like with the hull superstructure reversed.
Some posters put up some images of a ship that to me, looked awesome. It reminded me of a Klingon Bird of Prey. Now since in the original concept of Star Trek: TSFS called for the Bird of Prey to be a stolen Romulan ship, and since it is pretty much a given that the Romulans and Klingons had an alliance resulting in an exchange in technologies, I have no problem taking this kit bashed design and making it a Romulan ship.

Modestly smaller then the Klingon battle cruiser, but larger then a TOS Romulan Bird of Prey, this Romulan vessel is a tactical hit and run attack scout. Made specifically to get in and out as only a sneaky Romulan could, she’s fast, has full cloaking, but her weapons are at a minimum, as she’s not expected to engage in full one on one combat.

So here’s a kit-bash that’s on its way onto being what I think, is a really neat ship. I’m planning on painting it a base blue- grey, with green highlights, showing the transition to TNG’s warbird colouration.

ivan kitbash











Just a quick update. Here’s a little bit of body work. I’m using short strand fibreglass paste and auto body filler. Now it’s a matter of cutting and sanding.























2 Responses to “Star Trek Models: Part II”

  1. That’s a great looking ship. Gives me ideas for my next build of that ship.

    Great detailing in your modified parts.

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