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Petition To Make It Illegal For Potential Employers To Demand Credit Checks

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Even though it is a grey legal area in Ontario, more and more companies are demanding that employment applicants allow potential employers access to their credit information.

This information alone, can be a qualifying aspect of an application, solely determining if one will be considered for a job or not, regardless of ones job history and skills.

A person may have a fantastic job history. Terrific references. Great skill sets. No criminal record or activity. In other words, a respectable member of society. Yet if that person had lost a job, and missed a couple of credit card payments, resulting in a reduced credit score, a potential employer will and can use that sole reason for throwing your resume in the bin.

From personal experience, a potential employer who was ready to hire me, asked for one final step to the application process. Everything was going well until they asked to check my credit. And though I have a decent credit rating, my credit is maxed out, and they stated that as a result of this, they were unable to proceed with my application.

The theory behind this is that one who may be in somewhat financial distress, is considered to be a high risk for embezzelment, or in other words, is considered to be a threat of being a theif and stealing from their employer.

This is complete and utter non-sense, and this practise should be made illegal and stopped.

NO ONE person should be tried and found guilty of a crime by a potential employer, and this is exactly what is happing. People loose out on job prospects because of this credit standing alone, and this is WRONG!

I want you to join me. I want 100000 people in this group and I want to send my petition to the Labour Minister of Ontario. This has to stop.

If a group of teenagers can create a facebook group that changes the mind of Ontario’s Transportation Minister (re-last year’s stringent new driver’s licence proposal), then we can bloody well do this!

Comment here, and or, join my facebook group:

Petition To Make It Illegal For Potential Employers To Demand Credit Checks

Update: 29/10/2009

According to the Ontario Human Rights Commission web site:

“The Code prohibits discrimination in employment on the grounds of race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, record of offences, marital status, same-sex partnership status, family status and handicap. The Ontario Human Rights Commission (the Commission) considers “employment” to include full-time and part-time work, contract work, temporary work for an agency, and probationary periods. “Employment” may even include volunteer work.”

There is absolutely nothing in the code to even suggest in the least, that it is discriminatory to base the elligibility of an employment candidate based solely on his/her credit standing.

To ensure that I did not misinterpret the code, I called the Ontario Human Rights Legal Support number and was told that it is not discrimination, despite the FACT that a poor credit rating is used by employers to suppose that a candidate is a high risk factor for engaging in some degree of company theft.

The OHRLS person suggested that I call a labour lawyer, though I am uncertain what I am supposed to pay for this with, or what a labour lawyer can do if there is no law in Ontario against credit checks.

And just to make sure I’m covering my net, I contacted the Ontario Ministry of Labour and they said that they have no say in labour hiring practices in Ontario.

So. The government bodies that are set in place to help LAW ABIDING citizens, just bugger us in the end as well as the private sector.


Star Trek Models: Part III

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Here is the completed Romulan Vessel- Essentially a swept forward wing K’Tinga. The accent colours being red, green and yellow, show up under specific lighting conditions, and that’s exactly what I wanted. In normal daylight, the ship is the blue-grey and very very faint accent colours. But they really come out under certain light. I’ve experimented with lighting it under a white and green light, and you’ll see I’ve got some interesting results, as the blue grey really takes on the ambiant lighting. And for fun, I’ve taken some under a redish light making for some dramatic shot.

I’m also creating a backstory for the ship. I want this to be a Romulan vessel with a crew and purpose. I’ll try to give it a Romulan perspective! 100_5809100_5767100_5766100_5765100_5764100_5763100_5725100_5723100_5707100_5797100_5796100_5790100_5782100_5777100_5739100_5738100_5709100_5707

A 3 Day Canoe Trip In Algonquin Park

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Labour Day long weekend. The last chance to squeeze in a 3 day camping trip before summer ends. The last chance of 2009 to spend 3 perfectly sunny days canoeing in Algonquin Provincial Park.

Tom, Ann and I set off for our second trip of the summer at 630 AM (though I was up at 4 AM so I could drive the hour to pick them up). We had planned our trip a couple of weeks earlier. This entailed pricing out the 3 person canoe rental from various sources (we settled on Opeongo Outfitters- they had the best price and we didn’t have to transport the canoe), and making the reservations for our camp sites.

We decided to camp our 1st night on Happy Isle Lake. A little clear lake beside Opeongo. It is about a 14 kilometre paddle, and 2 km portage. This translates into about 3 hours of paddling, and a casual 1 to 2 hour hike (depending on your gear and fitness level).

Our second night was to be spent on the North Arm of Opeongo Lake. This would mean a 3 hour paddle back to the launch.

Travelling from Toronto, we took 401 to 115 to 35 north straight up to 60 east. Traffic was light, and it took us about 3 hours to get to the West Gate of the park. This included some stops along the way. Arriving at about 10, we discovered that the permit had to be obtained at the Opeongo entrance. We thought you could get the permit anywhere, but lesson learned, you can’t. Read your reservation, and you’ll have less delays.

After arriving at Opeongo, Tom and Ann waited too long to get the permit from the unmarked trailer. Apparently their computers were down. I spoke with the Opeongo Outfitter staff member, and picked out our well used canoe. It’s to be expected when you’re renting.

When Tom and Ann got back, I went to find a parking spot for the van. Not an easy task today. Everything was taken by boat trailers and people had to park up on grass, the side of the driveways, and practically into the bush.

It was Ann’s birthday, so my wife and I baked her a cake (we bake cakes In the spirit of the trip, I thought it was an appropriate design.

Delivered on the day of our canoe trip

Delivered on the day of our canoe trip

We launched at 1150AM. It was a perfect day. Sunny, with sporadic fluffy clouds, and a low wind speed. We took our first break approximately 1 hour into the trip, stopping on a little island in the south arm of the lake, just west of Englehart Island. It was a cute little island (well, two really), with easy access for the canoe.

Two Little Islands West Of Englehart Island

Two Little Islands West Of Englehart Island

Our Canoe

Our Canoe

We spent about 15 minutes here, and shoved off for the next leg of our journey, another hours paddle to a stop in the West Narrows on a little island north of Fish Island.
more to come…