A 3 Day Canoe Trip In Algonquin Park


Labour Day long weekend. The last chance to squeeze in a 3 day camping trip before summer ends. The last chance of 2009 to spend 3 perfectly sunny days canoeing in Algonquin Provincial Park.

Tom, Ann and I set off for our second trip of the summer at 630 AM (though I was up at 4 AM so I could drive the hour to pick them up). We had planned our trip a couple of weeks earlier. This entailed pricing out the 3 person canoe rental from various sources (we settled on Opeongo Outfitters- they had the best price and we didn’t have to transport the canoe), and making the reservations for our camp sites.

We decided to camp our 1st night on Happy Isle Lake. A little clear lake beside Opeongo. It is about a 14 kilometre paddle, and 2 km portage. This translates into about 3 hours of paddling, and a casual 1 to 2 hour hike (depending on your gear and fitness level).

Our second night was to be spent on the North Arm of Opeongo Lake. This would mean a 3 hour paddle back to the launch.

Travelling from Toronto, we took 401 to 115 to 35 north straight up to 60 east. Traffic was light, and it took us about 3 hours to get to the West Gate of the park. This included some stops along the way. Arriving at about 10, we discovered that the permit had to be obtained at the Opeongo entrance. We thought you could get the permit anywhere, but lesson learned, you can’t. Read your reservation, and you’ll have less delays.

After arriving at Opeongo, Tom and Ann waited too long to get the permit from the unmarked trailer. Apparently their computers were down. I spoke with the Opeongo Outfitter staff member, and picked out our well used canoe. It’s to be expected when you’re renting.

When Tom and Ann got back, I went to find a parking spot for the van. Not an easy task today. Everything was taken by boat trailers and people had to park up on grass, the side of the driveways, and practically into the bush.

It was Ann’s birthday, so my wife and I baked her a cake (we bake cakes http://yourjustdesserts.food.officelive.com). In the spirit of the trip, I thought it was an appropriate design.

Delivered on the day of our canoe trip

Delivered on the day of our canoe trip

We launched at 1150AM. It was a perfect day. Sunny, with sporadic fluffy clouds, and a low wind speed. We took our first break approximately 1 hour into the trip, stopping on a little island in the south arm of the lake, just west of Englehart Island. It was a cute little island (well, two really), with easy access for the canoe.

Two Little Islands West Of Englehart Island

Two Little Islands West Of Englehart Island

Our Canoe

Our Canoe

We spent about 15 minutes here, and shoved off for the next leg of our journey, another hours paddle to a stop in the West Narrows on a little island north of Fish Island.
more to come…

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