Star Trek Models: Part III

Here is the completed Romulan Vessel- Essentially a swept forward wing K’Tinga. The accent colours being red, green and yellow, show up under specific lighting conditions, and that’s exactly what I wanted. In normal daylight, the ship is the blue-grey and very very faint accent colours. But they really come out under certain light. I’ve experimented with lighting it under a white and green light, and you’ll see I’ve got some interesting results, as the blue grey really takes on the ambiant lighting. And for fun, I’ve taken some under a redish light making for some dramatic shot.

I’m also creating a backstory for the ship. I want this to be a Romulan vessel with a crew and purpose. I’ll try to give it a Romulan perspective! 100_5809100_5767100_5766100_5765100_5764100_5763100_5725100_5723100_5707100_5797100_5796100_5790100_5782100_5777100_5739100_5738100_5709100_5707


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