Star Trek Shuttle: Google SketchUp

This is my second attempt at a Google SketchUp render of a Star Trek Shuttle craft, and this is my first serious attempt at making this a complex and detailed model. As I am of course, not an engineer, my attempt to show the plumbing of this ship is based purely on ideas I’ve come up with from Star Trek, and real life contemporary technology. In other words, I’m trying to put a little thought into what this little ship is about.

So, the plan is to leave areas of the shuttle open so that the viewer can see some critical componants. This includes the helm, main compartment, engine room, main landing thrusters and RCS, and some power transfer and contol information conduits.

This is what I’ve created this morning. The dimensions are intentional, but for now, all you need to know is that it is 10 meters long, and the door is 2 meters high. So it is a fair sized shuttle. It’s primary purpose in this case, is for inter-system transport with low warp abilities, though the basic spaceframe does have modular abilities, allowing for other mission specific based purposes.





























































Aft section/ RCS and IMPULSE

Aft section/ RCS and IMPULSE


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