Google Sketchup: Federation Class

You may remember my Federation Class Terran/Vulcan hybrid ship. Well, after some practice in sketchup, I think I’ve got the basic skills to tackle this ship. So here are a couple of pics to show her build up underway. It’s addicting!

federation Class 2009-30-a

Port/ bow view

federation Class 2009-30-b


cross section x class

Just a reminder pic of what I hope to end up with...

federation Class 2009-30-c

Looking at the Engineering section lift, shuttle deck, and shuttle control.

federation Class 2009-30-d

Bridge detail, and CO's room behind the bridge

federation Class 2009-30-e

A long shot. Note the little blue sticks representing a 1.88 metre male

federation Class 2009-30-g

federation Class 2009-30-h

federation Class 2009-30-i

federation Class 2009-30-j

federation Class

federation Class a

I decided to try a quick remake of the ship, employing the “follow me” and extrude” tools primarily. I used the external dimensions of the ship, and an hour later, this is what I came up with (still need the nacelles)…

federation class 2a

federation class 2b

federation class 2c

Here are some updated images. I’ve shortened the primary hull by 10 meters, and extended the connecting “neck” by 10 metres. I’ve added the defelctor dish, forward and planetary sensors, and oversized nacelles that I’m not happy with… Oh well. This is the Take II model anyway…

federation class 2 a

federation class 2 b

federation class 2

Two more images. Re-made nacelles, impulse engine, and a little colour for fun.

federation class 2 c

federation class 2 d

Here’s a little update. The aft bridge section, some windows, and a docking ring.

federation class 2 e

federation class 2 f

federation class 2 g

Just a wee update today. Added some windows. Cleaned up some stuff (inside and out), and added the fuel storage “hump” below the impulse engine.

federation class 2 h

Here are the final images for this version. I’ve added some colour and texture.

federation class a 2 final mkII

federation class 2 b final mk II

federation class c final mk II 2

federation class 2 d final mk II

federation class 2 e final mk II

And now for the 3rd version of this ship. The dimensions are very specific, and I’m adding a lot more detail. Here’s some of the build underway.

Federation Class Mk III 2009-11-11-a

Federation Class Mk III 2009-11-11-b

The warp nacelles are now in place. Time to work on the windows, RCS, nav lights, docking rings, and refueling ports.

Federation Class Mk III 2009-12-11-a

Some windows…

Federation Class Mk III 2009-11-12-b

Here is some detail work. A docking area- the door is between levels on a split level air floor. I’ve added some windows as well. More to come.

Federation Class Mk III 2009-11-13-a

Federation Class Mk III 2009-11-13-b

Federation Class Mk III 2009-11-13-c

Some more detail. I’ve added some colour by reversing the face so that when I remove the lines, certain details won’t wash out. Still got a way to go.

Federation Class Mk III 2009-11-16-a

Federation Class Mk III 2009-11-16-b

Federation Class Mk III 2009-11-16-c

Federation Class Mk III 2009-11-16-d

Federation Class Mk III 2009-11-16-e

Federation Class Mk III 2009-11-16-f

Federation Class Mk III 2009-11-16-g

Federation Class Mk III 2009-11-16-h

Federation Class Mk III 2009-11-16-i

I NEEDED to put this yet un-named ship in some sort of “natural” environment. So- using an image from NASA’s Science web page, I found a picture of Mimas in orbit around Saturn with it’s “blue skies!”. Taken by the Cassini team in 2005, this should make a great picture to place the ship on.

Some more details, and a little shadow for fun.

An access door for the impulse engine.


2 Responses to “Google Sketchup: Federation Class”

  1. Liked watching the progressive build of the starship !! Thanks !

    • patrickivan Says:

      Thanks. They’re getting more and more detailed and complicated as I learn more.

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