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Banting Class Science Vessel: U.S.S. Banting NCC-1921

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This is my second Google Sketchup ship.

The Banting Class Science Vessel was commissioned in 2284. A small ship, with a main saucer hull of 30 metres across, its overall length from bow to nacelle is a mere 50 metres. It employs the Oberth Class Warp Nacelles, specifically designed to shield its energy from interfering with the the ship’s sensistive scanning equipment.

The mission specific sensor plantform is slung below the aft part of the hull. In this case, it is carrying a small deflector array, long range sensor, and photorp launcher for defence and scientific equipment depolyment.

Being a small ship, it is not meant for long term missions, usually remaining within 3 months of the nearest Federation Starbase. With a crew of only 32, and a civilian science team from 12 to 30, it is still sufficiently comfortable to work in.

The first 12 Banting Class ships where commissioned between 2284 and 2288. There were 18 subsequent ships commissioned up until 2299. All 30, with the exception of the Banting, were phased out of service starting in 2309 with the last one in 2312. Due to their popularity, ease of function, and longevity, 13 ships were given to educational and research institutions for civilian use, and 16 to Federation member planets as ship training platforms.

The Banting is in the Starfleet Ship Museum.

(The ship under construction)

At the prudent advice of my fellow Trekkies, I re-made the saucer. I wasn’t happy with the number of edges on the rim, so I increased the count from 24 to 96. This is just on the cusp of what my computer can handle. Fortunately this is a simple ship!

Here’s the port shuttle deck. It has a workable space of 7 x 7 metres (5 metres high), or 22.96′ x 22.96’… The port shuttle deck has one shuttle. The starbord shuttle deck has 3 worker bees, and assorted EVA equipment. If required, the bees can be transported to the supply hold, freeing the deck for another shuttle.

Here is some more shuttle bay detail. I’ve increased the depth from 7m to 10m. I was planning to make it a through shuttle deck, but I didn’t like the idea of seperating 2 full decks in the saucer.

I’ve been working a lot on deck 3. Primarily with corridors, windows, and the shuttle deck control rooms

Below: Centre-line corridor on deck 3 from where the medical and science labs will be stationed, looking forward.

Below: Deck 3; Port-quarter. Note that all hull and corridors (and between decks) have a minimum thickness to them.

I haven’t done much since the weekend. I’ve changed the floor layout for deck 3. And in the picture below, I’ve added the connector neck for the sensor pod that I’m building. You can also see some large windows on the saucer. That is the rec lounge (deck 3). 

A little more work on the sensor platform. There is a forward deflector and a long wide range sensor under the pod. I still have to put in some aft sensor equipment, and the photorp launcher. At first, I didn’t expect to have a pod large enough to be manned, but while in the process of making it, I found that it does have the space for 2 or 3 personnel.


Here’s the aft sensor platform. I thought gold would be a nice touch. There’s a blue sensor strip along the centre axis. And the sensor is concaved- it’s really hard to see unless you’re looking at it from the right viewpoint.

And here’s a little shuttle craft I made. It’s about 3 metres across, but 4 metres long. I had fun with the nacelles.

Below- The lower part of the door isn’t showing up for some reason… Must fix!

A little bridge work.

And a little shuttle.

I can’t believe I spent almost 4 hours on the monitor and command console this morning. Granted, my computer has been slow as hell this morning. ugh.

So the bridge is contemporary TOS and movie circular. Something I’ve always been fond of. I decided to use the NX-2000 Excelsior bridge wrap around console as inspiration for this bridge. The display wraps around the bridge and is completely customizable to the users needs. If they need more display area, it can widen out (though not into the adjacent user’s space). The user touches the console and the menu comes up to engage the default station settings (eg Operations), or Change station (eg. Emergency Ship Systems)… This allows multiple personnel to work the same station if needed.

I also made the chairs and TL alcove that has access to 2 lifts. Oh yes- the chairs lock in place mechanically, but move on magnet levitation units built into the floor. They can move to various spots as needed, and they can add chairs if needed. The mechanical lock is a safety redundant feature in the even of complete power failure. Though in the situation, their pretty much screwed anyway.

Well- my computer can’t handle this ship any more. So I’ve tried to throw on as much finished details as possible. Oh well… I’m still pretty happy with her. I’d like some lighting, but I’ll need a new computer first.

The above background image is taken from the NASA space photo gallery.