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Recovery Mission

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Captain’s Log, stardate: Classified.

Mission: Recovery of Starfleet’s new Banting Class Science Vessel, U.S.S. Sir Frederick Banting, due to an unbalanced new centralized warp power reactor.

Photo taken from the U.S.S. Yarmouth, North Atlantic Class Corvette.

Recovery Vehicles: Sikorsky Class Recovery Vessel, U.S.S. Kaliningrad; Hudson Class Frigate, U.S.S. York; North Atlantic Class Corvettes, U.S.S. Battle Creek (off the starboard stern of the York), U.S.S. Kanata (following up the rear of the Kaliningrad), and the U.S.S. Yarmouth (outside of frame- documenting the procedure).

Mission Status: Recovery underway. Banting is secured and nestled under the care of Kaliningrad. Warp core shut down procedures are commencing, and the return voyage back to Starbase (Classified) should be underway within the hour.

Commander MacCray-

End Log.

Background image wallpaper from The Constellation Crux.

And I am pissed at google sketch up. The shadows in this image (on the star field) were NOT present when I previewed the bloody image! ARG!!! My computer was soooo slow for this. 2 hours… Now I have to fix it….


Star Trek TOS era Corvette

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I can’t stop making new ships. Today’s ship is a TOS era corvette. A fast, maneuverable patrol and escort ship built in response to Romulus’ new Bird of Prey that was responsible for the destruction of several outposts, subsequently destroyed by the U.S.S. Enterprise. With rumours of advanced Romulan cloaking technology development, and a new Bird of Prey in cooperative development  with the Klingons, the Federation has deemed it necessary to create a new vessel able to respond to these threats.

The small ship at 57 metres long, provides a small sensor signature. It’s warp nacelle arrangement, pulled uncustomary and dangerously tight to the ships hull, creates a tighter more efficient warp field, making it a fast, maneuverable little ship with a warp field signature that is more problematic for enemies to lock on-to.

The consequence of this small ship’s power utilization of the warp engines and impulse engines, is it’s reduced weapons complement, and shield strength. Fortunately, the commanders of these ships are trained in the most advanced tactical combat techniques that fully take advantage their speed and maneuverability.

The small patrol bridge is located on the top of the hull, though a fully operational battle bridge is also located on the deck below. A small bridge, it is tight, staffed by the commander, XO, tactical officer, tactical assistant, helm, and conn. The XO is responsible for operations control. The ship’s total crew compliment is only 27.

I built this ship using my impulse deck and saucer components for my Constitution/ and Unihull models. I’m still undecided on how I’m doing the nacelles.

I’ve got the warp nacelles on, some panels, the photorp launcers, and some colour.

13th of July, 2010

I’ve come back to this ship because I really like it. This tiny little bugger seems like a fun ship, so I’ve decided to add some more detail. I’ve scribed in some shield grid lines, added some windows, and put shutters on the 2 forward photorp, and 2 forward phaser canon ports.

I’ve also lightened up the paint scheme, and changed the paint on the bridge and engineering section behind it.

United Federation of Planets / Starfleet Tug-Emergency Repair Vessel

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I’m really on a kick lately for building TOS era starships. Today’s build is a Tug/Emergency Repair Vessel. Its construction contract is ordered by both Starfleet and other UFP starship branches.

So here she is. It’s a long ship, able to accomodate pulling the largest of Starfleet’s ships and private vessels. Its wide warp nacelles allows for the maximum warp envelope/ speed possible employing the most powerful engines available. The large Warp Field however translates to a maximum emergency speed of warp factor 7.8 without tugging another ship. Under load, this speed can be greatly reduced, depending on the mass and size of that load.

It’s outfitted with a deceptively large cargo facility, allowing everything a starship may need for field service. This includes a compliment of service worker bees, remote tractor tugs, essential spare components like emergency reactors, fuel, batteries, photon torpedoes, et c.

The core crew for this vessel is only 33, however that can increase by 70 more people depending on the situation.

So here she is. Still under construction.

Some more views with some modifications to the back of the deflector pod. I added the first windows (the Tractor Control Room).

My primary inspiration for this design came from the Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane heavy lift helicopter. A deceptively fragile looking workhorse and one of my favorite helicopters.

Just thought I’d have a little fun here. The tug with the unihull. And with some hard docking ideas.


Jan. 23, 2010

I’ve added some windows, access hatches, shuttle and worker bee access doors, and some pre-painted hull plating.

I also have plans for the bridge. This is a non-combat, work-horse ship. It has more windows per person then a Constitution Class because it’s not meant to ever see combat. So the bridge will will a little unique in that it will be a multi-level centre. The main bridge at the top will have minimum helm/conn/ nav… Below it will be a larger operations room with big windows, though the tractor control room is on deck 6.

Jan. 24, 2010

The Tractor Beam Units have been installed. I’ve also increased the hull plating sizing.

Trek BBS January Art Challenge

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Here’s my first entry ever… I think. BlackBerry makes Starfleet’s tricorder… I’m not surprised.


Star Trek Parts

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Here’s a little compilation of ship parts that I’ve built, or that are WIPs.

Here’s a generic chair that I can easily modify. And I will- that brown is awful!

A little 4 metre long shuttle for smaller vessels such as my Banting Class. It’s technically a WIP but on the shelf for now.

And a 148 metre TOS era Nacelle WIP. I like the detail I’m putting into this. I’m trying to get the measurements correct, while at the same time add some of my own detail.

I plan to use this nacelle on my unihull ship that I’m building. Using the idea that a lot of Starfleet’s ships are modular. Though of course not everything- for example you couldn’t place this nacelle on a TMP Enterprise. Some ship bits only work with certain ships. Some can only work within their own specific class.

Jan. 07 2010

I get bored quickly. So I’ve moved on to the saucer. Again, I’m trying to be as precise as possible yet I maintain the artistic licence to make changes. And I have. I’ve made the lower sensor dome larger primarily because I think it looks better, yet doesn’t take away from the saucer. Besides, each ship can be different- it’s like that in the real world, so why not here too.

Keep in mind that the domed part of the upper hull doesn’t look high enough because of the optics from this perspective.

The bridge, section under the bridge, and impulse bits will all be seperate componants to be assembled later. So time to move on!

Jan. 09, 2010

Here are some more bits. The bridge, lower bridge module, and turbolift. I had trouble making the aft section of the lower bridge module. I just don’t have the knowledge to make it perfect-yet. I’ve indulged myself on adding turbolift details (suggesting an access docking point and nav light). The bridge is pretty basic.

Some more work on the nacelles, and an impulse deck.

Employment Agencies: Let’s stop feeding recruiters and get real jobs!

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I remember being on assignment through an employment agency where I was responsible for posting incoming and outgoing payments into the accounting database. One day I saw a cheque to my agency and I was astonished at how much the cheque was made out for. It was exactly half of my pay. Every two weeks, I made about 800 pathetic dollars. Every two weeks, my agency made $400…. There was no one else there from the agency and the note on the cheques stated one thing- my name.

According to the Canadian Action Workers web site, 37% of Ontario workers are temp/ part-time/ contract workers. A whole industry of worker providers is living off of our work. Sure you can say that they’re providing a service to the worker as well, but let’s face the facts. Temp workers typically make poor money, if people stopped going to agencies to look for work, more companies would be forced to hire on their own. Would you make less money that way? Hard to make less than minimum wage!

I’ve been to many agencies, and one of their big selling points to employers is that they provide training to their worker drones. That they aggressively conduct background checks on workers. In the end, they supply employers with quality workers who will meet their needs.

My experience with agency training has included the following: Watching elementary blue-collar condescending WHIMIS, MSDS, and safety videos followed by an open book test. Reading pamphlets and writing open book tests.  A couple of agencies had even told me to tell the employer that I have more experience then I actually have- should they ask…

Though the most extensive background check did involve a credit check, that credit check resulted in the agency declining my candidacy for future work. My credit was fine, and they would not elaborate further. Thank you, Spherion…

That’s it. That’s my training and background checks. Yet employers actually save money by paying agencies gobs of money to hire people for them. Why is that? My only real logical conclusion is that agencies make most of their money off of low paying blue-collar jobs supplying workers to companies with a high turn over.

Let’s use the automotive sector as an example. Their production fluctuates greatly on a daily basis. They need more workers at times and less at other times. They can’t pay their employees to stand around when there is nothing to do, so they hire the bare minimum for what they need, and use temp workers to fill the gap. Any time, and day, there can be a flux of incoming and outgoing workers, barely making minimum wage, so that the company can save, or make, money.

Now I am aware of more established, higher end agencies that supply workers to companies that are using the agency as a test bed. They want a long-term worker but it’s more financially responsible to test that employee out before buying them out and hiring them. I don’t have a problem with that so much. It’s the worker mills and the companies that feed off them that I take issue with.

In the end, I hate employment agencies. They have wasted my time more often than not. They have undervalued my worth and experience. Most importantly, they have made a lot of money off of me, and YOU.

While the new regulations in Ontario seem to offer more rights to workers, they really don’t offer anything to you unless you quite literally become a slave to the agency. You can not refuse work and therefore, if you’re looking for something in your field, but you have to push 1000 lb racks onto trailers for $9.75 per hour, you have to do just that. You don’t have any real rights as an employee unless you are an actual employee.

We’re all just slaves, but try to be a slave to something you like, and it will make your life a lot more palatable. Employment agencies are the biggest slave peddlers around. Do yourself a favour and look for a job yourself. Research your industry of interest, check their web sites for job postings, call their HR and ask questions. Don’t be afraid to get your resume out to those who may not be advertising for employees. You’ll be able to thank yourself in the end.

Star Trek unihull Starship

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Happy New Year. Here’s a ship I’m playing with building. It’s a unihull design that takes place around the 2260’s. The saucer is 60 metres across. Each deck is about 2.5 metres. But the size doesn’t concern me greatly here. I’m just working on the shapes- trying to make it look the way I want.

This is what I have so far, and I expect it to change. The nacelles here are certainly going to change- but they’re not my focus since they will look like tradition TOS nacelles.  The main thing is that it looks like it belongs in that time period (with more detail) 😉

Jan. 10, 2010

Here is the start of the build for this un-named Class ship. I’ve started assembling the componants. The only exception to the image below is the impulse engines- they won’t be mounted there. I just put it on to see what it looked like. This saucer is 128 metres across.

I made a bit of progress this morning. Here’s the aft section to the unihull design. I may add a centre line section, aft to fore, along the underside of the aft hull section. This will add more engineering space and open up some room for a shuttle deck(s). It will also balance out the ship a little when I throw on the warp nacelles. Now with this design will have power plants in each nacelle, as well as power reactors in the main ship hull.

Some more detail. Panels, doors, access hatches, and the forward deflector. I didn’t want to do it, but there was nowhere else to put it. And since ST:Enterprise’s NX class is part of Trek history, I ripped off that design bit. Granted, everything I’ve done is derived from something from Star Trek.

Jan. 12, 2010

Here are the Nacelle struts. From this distance, the grills seem solid. But zoom in, and you get the detail. A coppery grill and raised border.

Jan. 15, 2010

I’ve done some more work on the nacelle componant, and placed them on the ship. There’s more work to come. This build has been the most complex compared to the Federation and Banting Class. It doesn’t look it, but there are many more componants and complex angles and curves. It’s fun!

Jan. 16, 2010

I’ve decided to add a shuttle deck to the underside of Engineering. It doesn’t take away from the profile, and adds plenty of room for shuttles, repair areas, and some extra storage.

Jan. 17, 2010

Jan. 18, 2010

I’ve decided on my ship name. It’s the U.S.S. Saint-Laurent. A Halifax Class Starship. Crew Compliment: 221. More to come…