Star Trek Parts

Here’s a little compilation of ship parts that I’ve built, or that are WIPs.

Here’s a generic chair that I can easily modify. And I will- that brown is awful!

A little 4 metre long shuttle for smaller vessels such as my Banting Class. It’s technically a WIP but on the shelf for now.

And a 148 metre TOS era Nacelle WIP. I like the detail I’m putting into this. I’m trying to get the measurements correct, while at the same time add some of my own detail.

I plan to use this nacelle on my unihull ship that I’m building. Using the idea that a lot of Starfleet’s ships are modular. Though of course not everything- for example you couldn’t place this nacelle on a TMP Enterprise. Some ship bits only work with certain ships. Some can only work within their own specific class.

Jan. 07 2010

I get bored quickly. So I’ve moved on to the saucer. Again, I’m trying to be as precise as possible yet I maintain the artistic licence to make changes. And I have. I’ve made the lower sensor dome larger primarily because I think it looks better, yet doesn’t take away from the saucer. Besides, each ship can be different- it’s like that in the real world, so why not here too.

Keep in mind that the domed part of the upper hull doesn’t look high enough because of the optics from this perspective.

The bridge, section under the bridge, and impulse bits will all be seperate componants to be assembled later. So time to move on!

Jan. 09, 2010

Here are some more bits. The bridge, lower bridge module, and turbolift. I had trouble making the aft section of the lower bridge module. I just don’t have the knowledge to make it perfect-yet. I’ve indulged myself on adding turbolift details (suggesting an access docking point and nav light). The bridge is pretty basic.

Some more work on the nacelles, and an impulse deck.


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