United Federation of Planets / Starfleet Tug-Emergency Repair Vessel

I’m really on a kick lately for building TOS era starships. Today’s build is a Tug/Emergency Repair Vessel. Its construction contract is ordered by both Starfleet and other UFP starship branches.

So here she is. It’s a long ship, able to accomodate pulling the largest of Starfleet’s ships and private vessels. Its wide warp nacelles allows for the maximum warp envelope/ speed possible employing the most powerful engines available. The large Warp Field however translates to a maximum emergency speed of warp factor 7.8 without tugging another ship. Under load, this speed can be greatly reduced, depending on the mass and size of that load.

It’s outfitted with a deceptively large cargo facility, allowing everything a starship may need for field service. This includes a compliment of service worker bees, remote tractor tugs, essential spare components like emergency reactors, fuel, batteries, photon torpedoes, et c.

The core crew for this vessel is only 33, however that can increase by 70 more people depending on the situation.

So here she is. Still under construction.

Some more views with some modifications to the back of the deflector pod. I added the first windows (the Tractor Control Room).

My primary inspiration for this design came from the Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane heavy lift helicopter. A deceptively fragile looking workhorse and one of my favorite helicopters.

Just thought I’d have a little fun here. The tug with the unihull. And with some hard docking ideas.


Jan. 23, 2010

I’ve added some windows, access hatches, shuttle and worker bee access doors, and some pre-painted hull plating.

I also have plans for the bridge. This is a non-combat, work-horse ship. It has more windows per person then a Constitution Class because it’s not meant to ever see combat. So the bridge will will a little unique in that it will be a multi-level centre. The main bridge at the top will have minimum helm/conn/ nav… Below it will be a larger operations room with big windows, though the tractor control room is on deck 6.

Jan. 24, 2010

The Tractor Beam Units have been installed. I’ve also increased the hull plating sizing.


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