Star Trek TOS era Corvette

I can’t stop making new ships. Today’s ship is a TOS era corvette. A fast, maneuverable patrol and escort ship built in response to Romulus’ new Bird of Prey that was responsible for the destruction of several outposts, subsequently destroyed by the U.S.S. Enterprise. With rumours of advanced Romulan cloaking technology development, and a new Bird of Prey in cooperative development  with the Klingons, the Federation has deemed it necessary to create a new vessel able to respond to these threats.

The small ship at 57 metres long, provides a small sensor signature. It’s warp nacelle arrangement, pulled uncustomary and dangerously tight to the ships hull, creates a tighter more efficient warp field, making it a fast, maneuverable little ship with a warp field signature that is more problematic for enemies to lock on-to.

The consequence of this small ship’s power utilization of the warp engines and impulse engines, is it’s reduced weapons complement, and shield strength. Fortunately, the commanders of these ships are trained in the most advanced tactical combat techniques that fully take advantage their speed and maneuverability.

The small patrol bridge is located on the top of the hull, though a fully operational battle bridge is also located on the deck below. A small bridge, it is tight, staffed by the commander, XO, tactical officer, tactical assistant, helm, and conn. The XO is responsible for operations control. The ship’s total crew compliment is only 27.

I built this ship using my impulse deck and saucer components for my Constitution/ and Unihull models. I’m still undecided on how I’m doing the nacelles.

I’ve got the warp nacelles on, some panels, the photorp launcers, and some colour.

13th of July, 2010

I’ve come back to this ship because I really like it. This tiny little bugger seems like a fun ship, so I’ve decided to add some more detail. I’ve scribed in some shield grid lines, added some windows, and put shutters on the 2 forward photorp, and 2 forward phaser canon ports.

I’ve also lightened up the paint scheme, and changed the paint on the bridge and engineering section behind it.


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