Recovery Mission

Captain’s Log, stardate: Classified.

Mission: Recovery of Starfleet’s new Banting Class Science Vessel, U.S.S. Sir Frederick Banting, due to an unbalanced new centralized warp power reactor.

Photo taken from the U.S.S. Yarmouth, North Atlantic Class Corvette.

Recovery Vehicles: Sikorsky Class Recovery Vessel, U.S.S. Kaliningrad; Hudson Class Frigate, U.S.S. York; North Atlantic Class Corvettes, U.S.S. Battle Creek (off the starboard stern of the York), U.S.S. Kanata (following up the rear of the Kaliningrad), and the U.S.S. Yarmouth (outside of frame- documenting the procedure).

Mission Status: Recovery underway. Banting is secured and nestled under the care of Kaliningrad. Warp core shut down procedures are commencing, and the return voyage back to Starbase (Classified) should be underway within the hour.

Commander MacCray-

End Log.

Background image wallpaper from The Constellation Crux.

And I am pissed at google sketch up. The shadows in this image (on the star field) were NOT present when I previewed the bloody image! ARG!!! My computer was soooo slow for this. 2 hours… Now I have to fix it….


One Response to “Recovery Mission”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    I really like the idea of a workhorse tug. The Ptolemy is my favorite, just due to the versatility of it–add a sensor pod, cargo hull, weapons pod or platform and now, of coarse, rescue vessel. Great job!

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