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S.S. Enterprise Google Sketchup

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Here is my precursor to TOS Enterprise. Well, not mine, but my interpretation of one of the concept proposals for the original Enterprise. I think this works out well as an earlier ship. It’s smaller, at about 100 metres long. The saucer rim in 3 metres thick and 48 metres across. The secondary hull is just over 48 metres and the nacelles are 64.5 metres long and 7.5 metres across… It’s a neat little ship done up in 3D. I think I’ll work on some internal details like the bridge and shuttle deck. The bridge may be similar to JJ”s Kelvin, a bridge I’ve grown to like as an earlier design. Better the ST Enterprise’s NX Class…

I’ve painted the ship with a textured anodized metal colour. I like the colour itself, but the mottled texture may be a little too busy. I don’t want it to look like little tiny panels all over this little ship. I did however like the black deflector housing. It reminds me of the nose of some earlier military aircraft.

The bridge hovering above the sauce will be sunk down into the hull- but in the mean time, that’s where I’m working on it, so that’s where it will stay.

A wee bit more detail. The ribbing on the engineering section may have something to do with fuel storage. And the undersection may be an access door.

A little update- 22nd of Feb. 2010

For a lack of a better idea of where to place the impulse engines, I put it on the neck. I’m just guessing, but it may be closer to the centreline of mass as opposed to up on the saucer…


26th of February, 2010

Just a little update tonight. I changed the paint on the ship, and did some work on the bridge. That I haven’t saved here yet…

27th of February, 2010

I’ve decided on the class and name for this ship. I’ve decided to call it a Confederation Class Spaceship. U.S.S. Atlantic. N.C.C.-802. Crew ?; Maximum Speed: Warp Factor 7.76.

Here are her external dimensions, some bridge shots, and the planetary sensor that I’ve modified at the suggestion of a fellow Trek BBS’er. The sensor is made up of a concaved dish, with a concaved rim (rusty coloured part).

There is no TL on the bridge. The door opens up to the main deck in the saucer.

28th of February, 2010

I’ve revamped the bridge based on Pato Guzman’s early Enterprise bridge concept as shown in The Art of Star Trek. It’s a bit of a departure from TOS’s bridge, most notably the large wide viewer that is more indicative of TMP’s and beyond ships. I couldn’t help but notice after I built the raised command section, how much it looks like TMP’s stepped section, and Voyager’s (on a smaller scale of course)…

I’m on the wall about the colour for the console section. Do I make it black, or grey with black panels? I don’t know! Ahhhh!

I still have to make the rear entrance too… Like the prior bridge, it will open up straight into the main level on the saucer.

1st of March, 2010

I hate theses chairs…

3rd of March, 2010

I moved the impulse engine. It was in a neat looking position, but not very practical. There’s no room in there for an impulse set up. So I split it up and placed them on the saucer and the end of the secondary hull…

I also added some graphics! Yay. And some nav lights….

And here’s a little work on the bridge. I’ve added a station, and a persective shot from “another” crewmember. I think this bridge size will work nicely.

4th of March, 2010

I made a bit of headway on the bridge today, and I’ve finally made some chairs that I am content with.

5th of March, 2010

I’ve added a shuttle/supply access door and some windows. Just a few though and they all have shutters.

2nd of May, 2010

I haven’t really done anything in a while, but I’m getting back into it… Here’s a little interior work of the primary command deck. I’ve inserted the bridge and some corridors with power and utilities supply conduits.

The coloured rings are the conduits located both above and below the main corridor.

10th of June, 2010

I spent a couple of hours on the shuttle deck today. It’s about 10 metres deep and 4 metres high. There’s an access door to further shuttle and supplies storage.

There’s a bit of interiour work left… The saucer impulse engines and control room need to be fleshed out. As well as the Engineering section’s impulse guts… And the auxilary impulse engine in the neck.

It doesn’t look like a lot of room from the side, but there’s a lot of space in this ship. Filling it with 180 crew members shouldn’t be difficult. Three shifts, 60 at duty stations, 60 sleeping, and 60 engaging in off duty affairs…

24th of June, 2010

I don’t know why I do stuff like this. I’ve decided to make the guts to the warp nacelles. Each nacelle contains the power source for it’s respective warp drive system. It also shunts power to the rest of the ship. While the actual engines are in each nacelle, it is not a manned area due to the nature of the energy involved. Typically, personnel will only go up there for occassional repairs, otherwise, no one is in there.

I wanted to include some familiar elements from TOS, such as the dilithium housing. Here, I’ve enlarged the reactor significantly. I’ve also decided to make the main power transfer conduit all blue-glowey, a la TMP’s system. Though none of that blue is shown on the exterior of the ship.

28th of June, 2010

Here’s a little more work on the engines. There’s a little more colour then I’d prefer, but it helps make things stand out against other things.

The red pipes coming from the warp field generator is an energy overflow recovery distributer. That will be shunted down to the ship to batteries for further utilization.

You can see that there are two decks within the nacelle. This is to facilitate access to large reactor and other engine support equipment. I still need to add a ladder from the two levels, and an access tube to the nacelle strut.

I also need to add some computer terminals…

It’s funny how large this piece of equipment is… And a Constitution class, double the size of this, would look HUGE next to it!

7th of July, 2010

I decided to change the paint scheme. I like the large panelled look I worked out here. It’s similar to ST:E, without the stupid “aztec” pattern. I wanted to make the lines more faint, but haven’t been able to do so. That said, it’s a small ship, and I worked the size of the panels until they seemed reasonable. One of the problems I have with the stupid aztec patterns is that it suggests thousands of tiny hull plates and this always seemed structurally redicullous to me.

8th of July, 2010

Just a little work on the engine, and a shadowed shot of both the engine and the ship.

…and a little shuttle I made for her. It’s about 2×5 metres. It seats 6 and is about as comfortable as a mini-van. No walking around in them! The shuttle bay is wide enough for a tight 360, and there’s a repair bay and access to storage behind that big grey door in the back.

A rough layout that I should have done a long time ago. But I never intended to do the interior…


Star Wars Fighter

Posted in Sci-Fi with tags , on 13/02/2010 by patrickivan

I was feeling like making something from the Star Wars Universe, so here’s a little fighter I whipped up this morning…

I’m thinking of calling it a C-Wing.

There’s a little more to be done. Namely guns and gribbly detail.

Canada Post: Poster Boys Of Poor Planning In New Communities.

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I live in a new Mattamy community development in Alliston, Ontario. It’s barely 4 years old, and for the most part, well thought out with nice walking paths that cross the neighbourhood along a pretty ravine.

We received notice last year that our community mail boxes were to be moved from across the street to our side of the street, practically in front of our house.

Now, yes, I personally found the move irksome because of the inconvenience of all the cars stopping right in front of our window. But my disdain for the move isn’t purely selfish.

You see, the mail box was located on the side of the street with side walks, and no houses. This is the same case with every mail box on every crescent in this neighbourhood.

This was convenient for people walking, for people driving, home owners, and for mail carriers.

Yet Canada Post and Mattamy seem to think that their urban planners and engineers are correct in assuming something completely different. They seem to think that it is better to move them.

First. It’s was convenient to leave them on the side walk side of the street because: walkers don’t have to leave the safety of the side walk. People cross (jay walk) with strollers, little children, bikes, et c, endangering themselves and their little ones.

It’s better for drivers because they have a clear line of sight on the street (the mail boxes have been moved to the inside curve of the crescents- a blind spot), offering a better view of pedestrians, bicylists, and other vehicles.

It’s better for home owners because they do not have to contend with the noise of cars stopping in front of their homes, in some cases, a mere 15′ from their windows. It’s better because they don’t have to contend with the garbage, and people walking on their lawns.

Finally, it’s better to put them back to the side walk side because mail carriers benefit from all the same benefits as drivers, but also benefit from the safety of drivers being able to see them!

Now why is it better to have them moved from the side walk side to the unsafe side of the road? Well I called Canada Post before they were moved and they only stated that Mattamy had submitted their plan, and they are responsible. I tried contacting Mattamy, and didn’t hear anything from them. I contacted Canada Post again about the safety issues, and despite their claim that they would look into it, I never did hear back from them.

I just can’t figure out why it was decided to put these boxes in an unsafe, un practical, and inconvenient locations. I can’t even figure out who is really responsible for their placement.

I do know that due to the safety issues. I will sue both Mattamy and Canada Post if my family or I come even remotely close to having our safety compromised in even the slightest fashion, and I encourage anyone else to do so as well.

I have expressed my valid and very reasonable concerns with both parties, and I have been dismissed. They had their chance.

Mattamy and Canada Post, fix this before someone gets hurt!