Canada Post: Poster Boys Of Poor Planning In New Communities.

I live in a new Mattamy community development in Alliston, Ontario. It’s barely 4 years old, and for the most part, well thought out with nice walking paths that cross the neighbourhood along a pretty ravine.

We received notice last year that our community mail boxes were to be moved from across the street to our side of the street, practically in front of our house.

Now, yes, I personally found the move irksome because of the inconvenience of all the cars stopping right in front of our window. But my disdain for the move isn’t purely selfish.

You see, the mail box was located on the side of the street with side walks, and no houses. This is the same case with every mail box on every crescent in this neighbourhood.

This was convenient for people walking, for people driving, home owners, and for mail carriers.

Yet Canada Post and Mattamy seem to think that their urban planners and engineers are correct in assuming something completely different. They seem to think that it is better to move them.

First. It’s was convenient to leave them on the side walk side of the street because: walkers don’t have to leave the safety of the side walk. People cross (jay walk) with strollers, little children, bikes, et c, endangering themselves and their little ones.

It’s better for drivers because they have a clear line of sight on the street (the mail boxes have been moved to the inside curve of the crescents- a blind spot), offering a better view of pedestrians, bicylists, and other vehicles.

It’s better for home owners because they do not have to contend with the noise of cars stopping in front of their homes, in some cases, a mere 15′ from their windows. It’s better because they don’t have to contend with the garbage, and people walking on their lawns.

Finally, it’s better to put them back to the side walk side because mail carriers benefit from all the same benefits as drivers, but also benefit from the safety of drivers being able to see them!

Now why is it better to have them moved from the side walk side to the unsafe side of the road? Well I called Canada Post before they were moved and they only stated that Mattamy had submitted their plan, and they are responsible. I tried contacting Mattamy, and didn’t hear anything from them. I contacted Canada Post again about the safety issues, and despite their claim that they would look into it, I never did hear back from them.

I just can’t figure out why it was decided to put these boxes in an unsafe, un practical, and inconvenient locations. I can’t even figure out who is really responsible for their placement.

I do know that due to the safety issues. I will sue both Mattamy and Canada Post if my family or I come even remotely close to having our safety compromised in even the slightest fashion, and I encourage anyone else to do so as well.

I have expressed my valid and very reasonable concerns with both parties, and I have been dismissed. They had their chance.

Mattamy and Canada Post, fix this before someone gets hurt!


3 Responses to “Canada Post: Poster Boys Of Poor Planning In New Communities.”

  1. Since Mattamy has begun construction on land fertilized with human waste, built illegal berms in the Ottawa area and illegally wired furnaces and had the Town of Oakville pass same furnace, I doubt if they will really listen to the logic you have put forth. Mattamy will do what Mattamy will do in order to make sales. What is moving a post office box compared to selling a house with illegal wiring that put children’s lives at risk. Seems they rule when it comes to doing what they do. Peter Gilgan did not become a billionaire by doing what others ask – legal or illegal.

    • patrickivan Says:

      L N

      Can you provide a link to source your claims? If so, I’d like to link them to this page.

      However any claims of negligence without public proof may be deemed slanderous. Something can be true, but has to be accepted as true in some cases.

  2. If you go to you will see reference to the above in many of the posts. The land fertilized with human waste: I have personnally talked to the witness as well as the government agency which stopped Mattamy from doing further construction until allowed under the regulations. The illegal berms are posted on a few sites and is the basis of a couple of newsreports (reported on blog) and Mattamy pled guilty to the charges. The illegal wiring I experienced and it is on record at the Town of Oakville – including the minutes of several committee meetings and at Town council and, I have letters on file from the Town concerning the matter. You will find all matters discussed on are correct and provable and if told otherwise, will be removed. To date, Mattamy has not asked me to remove any facts, thus confirming that they know the facts are to be true and provable in a court of law. Appreciate your interest.

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