Star Trek: Starfleet Long Range Reconnaissance Vessel

I was inspired by some ideas people had for fighter type craft in the Star Trek universe. While not a big fan of the idea, I can see where they may be useful. That said, in my universe, small fighters just can’t pack the punch needed to make themselves truly more then an irritant.

But they’re fun to design none-the-less. In this case, I’m building something more passive.  A Blackbird of sorts. A long range reconnaissance type ship. It’s small at just under 8 metres long. It’s crewed by 2, and it’s hull is covered in a darker then traditional starfleet colour. While it has sensor distorting properties, the colour is simply to thwart the very odd chance of someone seeing it out a window.

The nacelles are derivative of the Vulcan warp sled. The impulse engines are large and fast. The time period is around 2300. Of course the technology is far advanced of what Starfleet is currently employing in present Starship design.

The pilots where borrowed from the Google Sketchup Warehouse.


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