Star Trek: Grissom Class Science Vessel

This is my first ship since loosing all my SU material. I wanted a familiar shape that says this is a Federation Vessel, yet something a little different to show that Starfleet has a tonne of ships.

This is my Grissom Class medium range science vessel. The class name is in honour of the Grissom, destroyed in the line of duty  during the late 2200’s by a Klingon Bird of Prey. The time period for this ship takes place in the early 2300’s. This particular version is sporting test-bed technology slated for a new class of explorations vessels to be commissioned in the late 2250’s- early 2260’s.

The saucer is 100 metres across. The bridge is to be re-designed. Because of the nature of this particular vessel, it actually contains two m/arc’s. One is located aft of the saucer and is powered down, only to be used in event of the primary m/arc failure. The primary one is located in the modular secondary hull, containing the bulk of the test equipment. The experimental m/arc undergoing extensive field testing. Long range sensor platforms unlike anything in Starfleet to date. As well as a plethora of  new interface terminals. The secondary hull has taken on a more “futuristic” feel, while the main section, in and out, has a more traditional Starfleet look and feel. That of course includes all the contemporary technology for the time.  

Unlike most science vessels, this one has a greater defensive and offensive capability. Slightly enhance phasers and shields are also part of the test programme. While it seems unlikely that a vessel this size would be packed with all this new equipment, hostilities are low, the ship is kept to known space with help near by, and again, it’s a little more equipped to defend itself should it have to.


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