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Star Trek TOS Era Federation Diplomatic Vessel

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After the development of the Constitution Class Starship, it was decided that Starfleet required a heavy cruiser to discourage any incursions from potential external threats. Only 6 of these large Starships were constructed in lieu of heavy favoritism towards increasing production of the very popular and succesful Constitution Class. That said, highly classified projects for a larger vessel slated for production around the early 2280’s was already undergoing tenders.

With resources limited for maintaining the 6 heavy cruisers, it was decided to place 4 in reserve status and decommission 2. Those 2 vessels were transferred to Federation Special Operations and Diplomatic Branch. It was decided that a large and powerful ship would provide adequate security for special diplomatic missions, allow for a significant number of passengers to be transported in greater comfort then any prior Starfleet or Federation vessel ever, and send a clear message to all parties both friend and foe, that the Federation is a peaceful and secure organization.

The Saucer section is 150 metres (492.13 feet) across, and 26 metres (8 decks) high not including the bridge. There are an unusual amount of view ports around the sauce to accommodate the comfort requirements of travelling dignitaries. Several recreational facilities, lounges, auditoriums, and a bowling alley. Crew quarters are equally luxurious making this ship more akin to a passenger Star Liner then a military Starship.

Further information regarding the rest of the ship is to follow.

Not a heck of a lot of work to update. Just some colour and window details.

10 May 2011

A lot has been done since the last update. And here it is.

Update: 15th of October, 2011