Algonquin Park: Western Uplands Backpacking Trail. July 2011.

Algonquin 2011


7 Responses to “Algonquin Park: Western Uplands Backpacking Trail. July 2011.”

  1. Your new camera’s great for close-ups when checking out plants / flowers. Jealous!

  2. thomascalnan Says:

    …and close-ups of my ass apparently…

  3. Thanks Ann. I have a super macro lens. I can get so close, that the lens will shadow out the light if I’m not careful. I love it! The image of the rock 3rd up from the bottom left, is a little drop of water smaller then my little finger nail.

    And Tom, I broke out the wide angle lens for that ass shot. It was tricky too, because I had to stand 30 feet back to fit it all in… I’m just kidding, dude. You’ve lost a tonne of weight!

  4. Christine Says:

    Beautiful pics!…well…minus the butt shot…

  5. shelley Says:

    what campsite was pic #5188. i believe you are on rain lake. if you start from the entry point/access point and start out counting, which site is it. looks great and we are going in a few weeks.

    Also, later in you travels, you have a pic #apz—which site is that and what lake?

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