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This is my first real attempt at a next generation era ship. The main reason being all the curves and getting everything to blend. So I started with a small runnabout type ship. Something with a moderate range, decent multi-tasking capabilities, modestely comfortable for a small crew, and fast.

I really did want to see more of TNG style ships but alas, they went the way of the E-E after the D was destroyed. It was a shame, but oh well…

Here’s today’s work.

A little more progress on the warp nacelles. Very curvy. This is taking a lot more time.

Update: 27/01/2012

The curved consoles with chairs are inspired from one of Probert’s concept bridges for the E-D.


Star Trek TOS Era Shuttle Carrier

Posted in Star Trek on 14/01/2012 by patrickivan

Here’s a little quad nacelle ship I’ve been toying with…

Vintage O Gauge Trains

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 have some vintage O Gauge Trains for sale. They’re gorgeous old timey fun!

Being sold in as an entire set. Or the trains in their two groupings, transformers seperately, and tracks as a set.

  • Lionel corporation NY 4-4 Pennsylvania RR with two cabooses box car and hopper.
  •  2-4-2 Lionel 027 Black train with coal car, hoppers, and flatdeck
  • 90 Watt multi colntrol-transformer- type 1033 Lionel
  • 60 cycle 40 watt American flyer transformer











Toronto Police Services Respond To Call To Ford Residence In Toronto…

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Ford neighbours reported seeing the Hamburgler skulking around the Ford house in Etobicoke today. The Toronto Police Services responded swiftly but reported to only find Mayor McCheese sitting on the couch watching TV.

Mayor McCheese could not be reached for comment.



Mayor McCheese made sure that no ONE stole his burgers! Not on his watch and certainly not from his McDonalds!