This is my first real attempt at a next generation era ship. The main reason being all the curves and getting everything to blend. So I started with a small runnabout type ship. Something with a moderate range, decent multi-tasking capabilities, modestely comfortable for a small crew, and fast.

I really did want to see more of TNG style ships but alas, they went the way of the E-E after the D was destroyed. It was a shame, but oh well…

Here’s today’s work.

A little more progress on the warp nacelles. Very curvy. This is taking a lot more time.

Update: 27/01/2012

The curved consoles with chairs are inspired from one of Probert’s concept bridges for the E-D.



  1. David M. Green Says:

    Sweet! Very Sweet!

  2. David M. Green Says:

    This looks like it could be the perfect VIP courier ship.

    • patrickivan Says:

      Thanks… I’m working on tasks for this type of ship- and courier is certainly an option. Though once you see the completed interiour size, VIP may not exactly make the list- though maybe internal arrangments can be modular too… Hmmm…

  3. David M. Green Says:

    Your welcome. Your design really impressed me.

    I posted a poem I wrote on my blog entitled: “The Dark Knight’s Dagger”. and with a few changes: such as a black hull and adding a cloaking device, a photon torpedo bay and a couple of phaser banks your design would be perfect as to the type of ship I had in mind when I wrote the poem.

    Here is the link to my poem:

  4. David M. Green Says:

    Thank-you. I’ve been a fan of the original star trek ever since I was ten or eleven years old and just can’t stand the PC stuff the sy/fy channel puts out these days.

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