Algonquin Park. Time To Start Preparing For Backpacking in 2012!

It’s a new year and with spring upon us and warm weather thawing us out, it’s time to get all the backpacking equipment ready.

My friends and I have already begun to plan our first trip of the year into Algonquin. Possibly heading in through the Rain Lake entrance again.

I’ve already ordered some new stuff from MEC. My new yellow backpack rain cover just arrived. My new cook set is on the way. And my Gerber field knife sharpener is on backorder.

I still need to order some more paracord- only one of the most verstitle items in my kit!

I need some new hikers. Some odds and ends,but that’s it really.

The first step towards my preparations entails repairing and waterproofing my tent. I got a couple of small holes in it and the tarp leaked a little. But nothing some sealant wont fix, giving it one more season of life.

So the preparations are underway. Planning will be posted. Pictured will come soon.

Happy 2012 Camping!!!


2 Responses to “Algonquin Park. Time To Start Preparing For Backpacking in 2012!”

  1. Paracord is sweet! I will be posting some pics of a knife I wrapped with it in a few days. But I do have a review on something that may go well with your new cook kit

    Check it out here!

    • patrickivan Says:

      Excellent! I look forward to see it- more importantly, I look forward to hearing about how the comfort and grip is with a cord wrapped handle.

      I made a cool lanyard for my Gerber. I have to say, it makes a big safety difference to have that cord wrapped around your palm and thumb when splitting wood with it.

      Thanks for sharing your blog. You’ve got another follower here.

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