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Father’s Day. My Favorite Holiday

Posted in Miscellaneous with tags , , on 22/06/2012 by patrickivan

I never thought I would get the opportunity and privilege to know what it’s like to be a real father. As a step-father of two children, one 15 and the other going on 19, they already have a father and therefore Father’s Day is supposed to be for him. Well, really it’s for the children in a way. It makes them feel special by being able to shower their father with affection for everything he does for them.

However in this case, though their father is around, my step-daughter has made me her father (for reasons that really aren’t necessary to go into detail about). Needless to say, our relationship has been growing stronger, and Father’s Day gave her an “excuse” to allow her to show me how she feels. And let me say right now that it was one of the greatest emotions a Man can experience to have a child refer to him as his father.

I’m fortunate in a way to still get the chance to experience the love of a child. As a father, I spend all my time making an effort to ensure my family has what then need and want. My daughter and wife will sometimes remark that I do too little for myself, but it is then that I tell them I am doing EVERYTHING for myself by giving all I have to them. My reward for my efforts is to ensure that they are secure, safe, and provided for (as chauvinistic as that sounds that’s just how it is).

I do regret that I wasn’t able to form a stronger bond with my step-son. But his age, and circumstances made things difficult at times. But he has grown and is a bright young man and I am proud of his successes.

My “daughter”, as I actually do refer to her more often than not, gives me so much in return. I can not fathom not having her in my life, that she has been apart of since 2006. I’ve watched her grow from a bold little 8-year-old to a young lady going on 16. I’ve watched her grow intellectually, wanting to broaden her horizons and experience the world. And while I’m protective and scared of what she wants to do, I remember being that age and understand more so then she does, what a great adventure she will have in the life ahead of her if she takes command of her future, therefore I have to sit back a little and let her engage in those experiences.

I actually remember the first time she called me “daddy”. She was only 8 and we were all sitting around having dinner for one of the first times. She immediately apologized and said she was confused about what to call me. It was awkward at the time (though I felt sorry for this little girl for not having a father who wanted to be in her life enough for her to remember who her daddy was), but I hold onto the word.

So Father’s Day is my favorite holiday, but every other day is just as fantastic, because I have my family and we have so much fun together, respect each other, (even fight a little, but that’s what families do), and I am so happy to have a daughter that considers me her father.

I will strive to live up to her expectations and fight never to let her down. I will encourage her, teach her, be an example to her, even punish her, and I will always love her, because that’s what makes me her Father.