A Little Bit About Me!

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, I grew up working for my grandfather’s construction company.

This was hard work, so I went to college and studied museum operations, focusing on remedial artifact preservation, storage, and exhibit design.

I worked for various institutions across Canada, primarily on contract, but left the field due to poor pay and personal issues.

Moving on to the obvious choice of truck driving, I discovered a new side to myself. I really hated to drive…

Continuing on with my new lifestyle, I met my beautiful wife and her children. We got married, and I stopped trucking. Primarily because I was horrible at it; secondly, because it was affecting my family life in negative ways.

So, I am at a sort of cross-roads in my life, with avenues of opportunities to  take advantage of.

I just have to find, or make them!


5 Responses to “A Little Bit About Me!”

  1. lisa miller Says:

    i would like some information regarding your website. There is a comment about the cat and fiddle in alliston.???? who controls this website, puts information on etc.

    • patrickivan Says:

      Well Lisa, I control what information goes into my blog. WordPress has it’s own rules I’m sure, though my opinion is what this is about. And I’m happy to post other people’s opinions and comments if they have one.

      • lisa miller Says:

        i dont appreciate the fact that you allow people posting information that can hurt a business. the post regarding the cat and fiddle is their opinion and basically just insults the restaurant ie closed for renovations etc. this is not constructive, if restaurant was unfit etc i could see such slanderous postings, but just going on about their opinion is not granted and i dont’ believe, from reading other posts this is what this blog is about. don’t think it is just a sounding bound for people to be ignorant, and i refer the word ignorant in both respects-rude and unknowledgable

  2. patrickivan Says:

    I haven’t allowed anyone to post anything harmful to anyone.

    The Cat and the Fiddle review was all my opinion, and it was based purely on my experience with that venue. Should their renovations have produced anything remotely significantly different then the prior establishment, then I would have noted so. But their renovations were nothing short of removing a pool table and adding chairs. Nothing note-worthy.

    As for their food- it was horrendous. What can I say? It’s my opinion and my blog.

    It’s only slander if it’s not true. Should I have made something up that resulted in the establishment being financially harmed, then that may constitute slander. But if I give my opinion of my experience based on their service, and should other people respect my opinion, then it’s up to the establishment to improve.

    So, just to make it clear. Based on the Cat and the Fiddle’s claim that their burger was the best burger this side of the ATLANTIC OCEAN (no small brag there, eh?), and based on the fact that they admitted that burger is a pre-made burger from Gordon Food Services, AND based on the fact that it was the first bite that I took that made it apparent that it was a pre-made frozen, pressed burger that tasted like a donkey’s ass, it was then that I formed my opinion that this establishment was full of shite with their claims and that the food we tried was nothing short of crap.

    Feel free to go eat there. Should your opinion differ from mine, I have no problem posting it. But explain your reason, or I will form an opinion on you. Because as it stands now, you’re forming an opinion on my opinion, without actually having experienced the Cat and the Fiddle…

    Since your email suggests you actually work there, feel free to give me your opinion of GFS’s processed pre-packaged garbage. It suits the taste of many people, but if I can reach those who don’t like that crap, and let them know what they’re be in store for at the Cat and the Fiddle in Alliston, then I’ve done my job. On the other hand, this is a commercial for everyone who likes substandard bar “food”.

  3. Jenn Says:

    Actually, a main point to and of a blog is to express opinions freely so to censor it would be counterproductive and quite contrary to the having a blog in the first place.

    If someone doesn’t like a view made on a blog you are free to comment on it and/or to stop viewing that persons blog.

    If the restaurant in question has a problem with the specific blog posted they should offer a free meal in hopes of changing the bloggers mind.. (I’m sure if on a subsiquent visit the experience was better they would make a post about I) maybe it was a one time thing and the restaurant was having an ‘off day’.. but seriously I doubt enough people view this blog to make a dent in their business either way.

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