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Star Trek Discover Enterprise Comparison

Posted in Star Trek on 19/02/2018 by patrickivan


A Side by side comparison of Star Trek Discovery’s USS ENTERPRISE 1701 and master modeler, Doug Drexler’s render of TOS ENTERPRISE with updated textures and lighting.


Opinion: Trek BBS Board Members And Star Trek Discovery

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I wouldn’t ordinarily go through all this trouble, but it seems that some Trek BBS posters and Moderators have made some incredibly serious comments about another group of people.

I have no bones in this, but as someone who regularly reads the TREK BBS (for years now), there seems to be an incredibly bias of some mods to allow some members to get away with incredible statements.

The mean spirit of some members, particularly long term ones, is so disappointing to read. And the mods give them incredible lee way that other members get carded for over and over.

Again, I am NOT a member, and most people there are decent. But again, it’s those loud, obnoxious, opinionated members that float to the top of the pack, and stand out the most.

The reason I am even going through all of this, is because of one long term member. He has been one of the loudest of the group who gets away with pretty much whatever he wants. It’s pretty impressive. The mods love him ever so much.

And it’s the following that made me upset. King Daniel Beyond has decided that it’s appropriate to equate the Facebook group

We Hate The Star Trek Reboots & related JJtrek content & ST Discovery

with hate groups that target Jewish and Muslim faith people.

In a TREK BBS Thread entitled:

Why Does Midnight’s Edge have such a hate boner for Discover?

by PixelMagic

King Daniel Beyond makes the following statement:Capture

No moderator in sight, and no one coming in to challenge King Daniel Beyond on his incredibly dangerous statement.

And in reality, the mods don’t like people confronting the big dogs on the Trek BBS. KDB has a lot of pull from what I’ve read and concluded.

The issue that I really have, is not how they moderate their own group, but it this particular statement.

To equate a group that “hates” new Star Trek, with groups the HATE of black people, Jews and Muslims, is such a horrible conclusion and statement to make.

There is NO comparison. They’re hate for new Star Trek is no different than MY hate for peas. If I created a group called: We HATE Peas and all Pea related vegetables, would King Daniel Beyond swoop in and start publicly putting me on the same plain as those who hate PEOPLE? If he did, it would be wrong. Because the say that one hate group is literally the same as another, when the context is LITERALLY completely different, is LITERALLY beyond opinion and borderline libelous.

No to be fair, the Facebook group that King Daniel has made a statement about, is a closed group. I have no idea if they actually hate black people, Muslims and Jews. And if they do, the group should be shut down. But if not, if ALL they hate is a fictional TV show, then King Daniel Beyond needs to issue an emphatic apology to this group and their members, as do the mods for not reigning in KDB.

You can NOT equate the hate of something harmless, with the hate of people. It is NOT the same thing. It really is that simple and if they don’t know that on Trek BBS, then they have gotten to full of themselves.

The mean spirited on that site, (and others), is incredible considering what the Spirit of Star Trek was supposed to be about. And what it is that made these people fans, I think, has been forgotten. They’ve been twisted into something undesirable, and I have LONG since disengaged from.



Vulcan Warp Sled Shuttle

Posted in Sci-Fi, Star Trek with tags , , , , on 23/08/2017 by patrickivan

This is more of a practice model before skinning my 1/350 TMP E. 

I’ve never used decal sheets like this before. So it was a learning curve. 

I actually don’t mind some of the imperfections at this scale. And once weathered, it’ll look like an in use shuttle. 

Star Trek: The Next Generation Bridge

Posted in Star Trek, Uncategorized on 19/09/2016 by patrickivan

Just a teaser for a TNG concept bridge never realized.

I’m throwing it down as the as the USS Galaxy bridge…



MIRANDA Type Proto Version

Posted in Star Trek on 20/11/2014 by patrickivan

This is just a TOS era version of the Miranda Class ship.

Pre TOS Enterprise

Posted in Star Trek with tags , , on 02/08/2014 by patrickivan


I’ve been working on various incarnations of Matt Jefferies concept Enterprise for some time. I wanted to make something that fit his design basis, yet also with current Trek design history.

I’ve done one before, but it seemed to simple. Then it dawned on me to take the Star Trek: Enterprise NX-01 saucer and merge it to the concept secondary hull and nacelles. The size works perfectly for the size intent. So, here’s what we have so far, starting with Jefferies’ concept.


enterprise-matt-jefferiesPre-enterprise Pre-enterprise1 Pre-enterprise2 Pre-enterprise4 Pre-enterprise5 Pre-enterprise6 Pre-enterprise7 Pre-enterprise8 Pre-enterprise9 Pre-enterprise10

Star Trek Into Darkness

Posted in Star Trek with tags , , , , on 09/12/2012 by patrickivan

The trailer of the new Star Trek movie shows a ship crashing into a river. Clearly not the new Enterprise and obviously a new design. I traced all the obvious lines of the ship and left the less obvious to interpretation.