Star Trek: The Next Generation Bridge

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Just a teaser for a TNG concept bridge never realized.

I’m throwing it down as the as the USS Galaxy bridge…




LED Streetlight: Night Is Gone. I Feel So Safe. 

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We’re finally getting rid of night time in small town Alliston. It’s to save money of course, and should the argument ever show that LEDs are horrible for us and the environment, the argument will turn into one of safety. 

And I for one am glad! I took out my small print receipt, stood exactly between two light standards, and read that small print clear as mid day. 

I know now that with night on it’s way out, we can all move safely into a 24 hour work day, keeping our economy chugging along by buying, selling, paying taxes. 

I’m okay with the new blinds I have to buy. And the new sunglasses I have to wear at night should I accidentally look into that white bright highly focused, retinal burning LED. 

We’re saving money! We’re safer! Natural sleep rhythms are so 20th century and past! Get with the times. We can sleep at the end of our natural lives. 

No flash. No enhancement. Just a photo of a small print receipt that I can safely, and cheaply, read at 2AM.

Ps. I’m really looking forward to winter glare. ​

1:2500 scale Star Trek

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Just some of my ships in progress​

Thomas Calnan Presents: The Double Header at Comedy Bar in Toronto on the 25th June 2016

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Star Trek kitbash. 1:2500 TOS Frigate

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Here’s my Halifax Class Frigate for my TOS fleet. Under Construction of course.

MIRANDA Type Proto Version

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This is just a TOS era version of the Miranda Class ship.

1:2500 Klingon Battle cruiser and bash

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This is an on the go of a battle cruiser and a shorter bash based on a design I did a few years ago.

Not a huge update.

It’s coming along. Here it is parked beside it’s D-7 cousin. It kind of looks beefier despite it’s minuscule reduction in volume.