Star Trek TMP

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Star Trek TMP

The transport docking with the Enterprise in TMP. Image from Trek Core: Screen Caps.

And this is the standard version… Not bad at all.


Star Trek TNG Reliant Class

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I always wanted to make a TNG version of the USS Reliant from STTWOK, so here is the concept stage design.

I’ve taken the Enterprise D and turned the saucer sideways in order to lengthen the ship like the Reliant.

Now to build it in sketchup.

sensor aboard the Proteus testbed aircraf

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sensor aboard the Proteus testbed aircraf

Star Trek Into Darkness Klingon Pirate

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Star Trek Into Darkness Klingon Pirate

AST Model and Miniature Contest Entry

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This is my TOS/TMP era starbase concept for the AST contest. It’s 1/2500 scale and will be made from two Frisbees, cups, pens, bondo, and lots of paint.






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Fog Made Tangible

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A foggy winter morning crystallized into beautiful focus.



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