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Star Trek kitbash. 1:2500 TOS Frigate

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Here’s my Halifax Class Frigate for my TOS fleet. Under Construction of course.

Pre TOS Enterprise

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I’ve been working on various incarnations of Matt Jefferies concept Enterprise for some time. I wanted to make something that fit his design basis, yet also with current Trek design history.

I’ve done one before, but it seemed to simple. Then it dawned on me to take the Star Trek: Enterprise NX-01 saucer and merge it to the concept secondary hull and nacelles. The size works perfectly for the size intent. So, here’s what we have so far, starting with Jefferies’ concept.


enterprise-matt-jefferiesPre-enterprise Pre-enterprise1 Pre-enterprise2 Pre-enterprise4 Pre-enterprise5 Pre-enterprise6 Pre-enterprise7 Pre-enterprise8 Pre-enterprise9 Pre-enterprise10

Star Trek TNG Reliant Class

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I always wanted to make a TNG version of the USS Reliant from STTWOK, so here is the concept stage design.

I’ve taken the Enterprise D and turned the saucer sideways in order to lengthen the ship like the Reliant.

Now to build it in sketchup.

Star Trek Into Darkness

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The trailer of the new Star Trek movie shows a ship crashing into a river. Clearly not the new Enterprise and obviously a new design. I traced all the obvious lines of the ship and left the less obvious to interpretation.


Ottawa Class Starship c2398

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Something I’ve been working on for years now. The hard part has been getting the shapes just right to plainly be inspired by TOS Enterprise Insignia, yet still flow and look like a Federation starship.


1:350 Polarlights U.S.S. Enterprise Build

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So it begins with the custom parts I need to build. The rec dec to follow the contours of the ship. Based on my own ideas, TMPs final cut, and Probert’s concepts. The bridge as well, will be a blend of TMP and TWOKs bridge.









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Star Trek c2390 Vessel

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Here’s my first post TNG┬áseries type vessel. It’s along the same line as my TNG type gig, except this is modelled after the Sovereign Class.