Star Trek TNG Reliant Class

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I always wanted to make a TNG version of the USS Reliant from STTWOK, so here is the concept stage design.

I’ve taken the Enterprise D and turned the saucer sideways in order to lengthen the ship like the Reliant.

Now to build it in sketchup.

sensor aboard the Proteus testbed aircraf

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sensor aboard the Proteus testbed aircraf

Star Trek Into Darkness Klingon Pirate

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Star Trek Into Darkness Klingon Pirate

AST Model and Miniature Contest Entry

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This is my TOS/TMP era starbase concept for the AST contest. It’s 1/2500 scale and will be made from two Frisbees, cups, pens, bondo, and lots of paint.






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Fog Made Tangible

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A foggy winter morning crystallized into beautiful focus.


Go Transit Delays

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I’ve been sitting in the Bradford Go Station parking lot since 5pm the day of this post. It’s now 710pm. I’m waiting for my buddy who is stuck on the 440 train that was due at 550.

Seems the train hit a car. The car lost, but so did the hundreds of people waiting for the train to get cleared to go. That just happened now.


So here I sit in this winter snow storm. But despite initially being pretty mad, I’m lucky enough to not be one of the poor hundreds making a long and slow trip from Toronto to Barrie.

I feel a little bad for them.


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